Colors and Their Importance in Branding


In graphic designing whether its cloth graphics or stationery graphics color plays an important role and hence it is important to understand color theory.

What is it? Color theory is considered as both art and science of color and it explains how humans perceive a particular color. Colors not only help in designing something but they also communicate, there are color matches or clashes too and more.

While you are building your business brand color theory is most important toll for building your brand image and in increasing your sales. Thus the first step is to understand color

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Understanding color for branding

How you decide to choose a product? By looking at it first and then if you feel good you feel the product. So, what do you do to like a product? You take your decision based on the color that you can see.

Color is the perception that humans gets about any particular thing. Like when we see sky, we consider it as blue as our brain gets that information. Similarly, if you are to choose a can of coke from a bunch of different cans what do you look first/? The red color or the logo? Obviously you look for the red color and then from it you pick the one with the logo of coke.

Thus, it is found that 90% of buying decisions are made on color and while you are designing something you should give color its due importance.

Different color schemes

There are different color mixing model and while you design something for your company any one of these models are used. Different models are

RGB or Red, green and blue. You and other humans see color in waves and by mixing the light you perceive nay color. These basic colors are mixed for getting any color that you come across and if you mix all of them you will get white.

It is important to understand it as if the right model is not used while you place your logo at different places the color of the logo may fade making is look dull.

CMYK is used for any physical surface and this has been used by every id during their kindergarten days. It is just like mixing different paint colors. With the four variant of colors like Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key or black you can create any color on paper.

Why should you care about color theory?

You must be thinking that why should RGB or CMYK matter you and your business? It matters because it is the basic of graphic designing that will affect your marketing and branding.

If you have some basic idea about the color scheme you will be able to take effective branding decisions. You can understand what color is it that will evoke some emotion in the mind of the consumers for your product? You can find out easily what color logo will be most appropriate for your business and so on. Apart from making right branding decision you will also be able to judge your competitors and understand what are they thinking about their brand.

To make your brand appealing to consumers you should not ignore colors.

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