Graphic Design vs. Web Design

Graphic Design vs Web DesignThere is always confusion that whether web design and graphic design are same or different. It’s true that in both these you need to use texts, images and typefaces for communicating your idea, but they both are two different concepts. Graphic designer were there when there was print media, however, after internet was developed, there was evolution of web design. So, let’s understand the difference between the two.

Graphic Design

Any design that has been printed after being created would be considered under graphic design. In it, art and technology is blended together so that a message or idea can be communicated to the mass. For delivering a message or idea to the public from their client, the graphic designer utilizes various tools for communication. You can view the work of a graphic designer in newspapers, magazines, logos, arrangements, books, brochures, billboards, label of various products and many more. They create layouts for various types of print advertisements.

Now, these print designs are generally of two dimensional and are of fixed size display. They use image and topography as the main tools. The messages that are shown in the graphic designs are mainly for the audience who reacts to them. They also react to the advertising ideas and the images used in the design. For conveying any message typography is used, which is a type based design. Here the designer mainly focuses on the look and feel of the words like the lettering size, shape, location, and color.

With these designs, the advertisers tries to catch the attention of their prospective customers, help their customer to identify any product or convey any particular message. For completing a project of graphic designing, a designer have to work with illustrators, analysts, and photographers.

Web Design

On the other hand, wed designing is a separate concept. Web design deals with creating web pages on the internet. Those businesses who want to use websites for developing their business require a web designer. Their field of work is exclusively on the web world. In web designing, a graphical display of images and content are presented on the web pages. For this they employ a number of applications like CSS, HTML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop and many more. A web designer would look into the technical aspect of the website and that includes coding of the web pages and writing them too.

The basic difference between web design and graphic design is that the former is more dynamic. You need to change things there regularly. They are the most modern way of communicating with people where people around the globe can view your ideas and get your message. Graphic designs are meant for segments while web design works for viewers throughout the world.

In present day business scenario, both the concept is important for making an impression of any company or product on the public. With the help of these two designers are able to convey the message they want to their respective traffic.

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