Web Design Trend 2017

It’s only few months more and 2017 will be here.

Just like every years 2017 will also come with certain new changes in the web designing trend and as a web designer it is necessary that you know what 2017 holds for web designing. Knowing these will help you give your clients better feedback and help them get the best web design to prosper their online business.




Mobile Optimization

Just like 2016, in 2017 too mobile optimization will be the buzzword. A stylish and functional website will not be of any use if it is not operational in the mobile devices. People should be able to access the website through their mobile devices.

In 2016, Morgan Stanley had researched on usage of website and it showed that mobile devices were used mostly for accessing any website. Hence this year it is expected that this trend will increase. It’s not laptop or desktop that is mostly used for using internet, but its mobile that is used by viewers to check websites.

Hence, it is necessary that responsive website is designed that can be accessed equally by desktop and mobile users alike.


This is related to mobile optimization, and the simple the website is better will be the viewing experience in devices that are less powerful, like the mobile phones.

If any website cannot give the speed and clarity then viewers will shift to another website and thus for ensuring that it is necessary that the websites are simple and not loaded with heavy flash multimedia files! They must be aesthetically pleasing but at the same time should be purpose driven and simple. The navigation of the website should also be simple and easy.


It’s true that Search engine Optimization cannot be considered a new trend anymore, but its importance cannot be ignored this year too! Optimizing the search engine is necessary and as a designer it is necessary that you have enough experience of dealing with search engine so that this platform can be exploited to its fullest.

Cinema graphs

Cinema graphs are still photos that come with subtle motion. Yes, it is something that is complex than a photograph and yet the bandwidth required for playing it is much less than that required by a video. In social media, Cinema graphs are already popular and this trend can be useful in websites too. They will add intrigue to the website and as it is not yet common in websites it can make the website standalone too! As they will use of less bandwidth they will be great for mobile phone users too. However, once this trend catch on it will no more be unique thus who want to explore its potentiality must jump to it as soon as possible.


There are a number of websites created everyday and it’s only a few of them that exist for long. Hence, while you want the websites created by you to last long it is necessary that you help your client follow the trend of the year.

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