Top 3 Web Design Mistakes That Could Kill All Traffic

Kill Your Website TrafficThere is an age old saying as per which to err is human and to forgive is divine, but when it comes to web designing a mistake once done, would hardly be forgiven by anybody. Web designing mistakes have such high impacts that almost every web designing company takes special care that no mistakes happen. The scope of the mistakes is not just limited to a typographic error or a wrong border being used. While professional companies smartly avoid these, it is majorly the freelancers or newbie who tend to commit these gross mistakes. Here is a list of major mistakes that could ruin a web design.

1) Non customized themes make it look so regular

The most common mistake that is being done by web designing based freelancers is that they apply a theme for a website without doing any customization. There are many templates available in the market and especially on the web that provides free themes for the design of the website. Application of these themes without doing any custom changes to it could lead to having multiple websites of different companies and different brands having the same appearance and features.

Another problem of not customizing the theme is that there are fewer chances that the readymade theme would go hand in hand with the motto of the website. That would certainly not be very good for the overall website if users are not able to relate what they see vis-à-vis what they wanted to see.

2) Too many paths to follow may be confusing

Too many weblinksTalking of mistakes committed during the process of designing the website by web designing based firms, over complicated navigation is something that not only makes the website unnecessarily complicated but also irritates the users. Too many drop downs and too many options in those drop down menus could actually be more cumbersome than being user-friendly. Primary pages should be made available in the drop down with quick links to the most visited subpages being placed at a convenient position on the web page so that it is clearly visible and catches the attraction of the users.

It is best to create a prototype of the navigation and get the same tested by a certain set of users. Depending on the feedback that the prototype navigation receives you may stick to that or make alterations.

3) Loading is the word that users hate

Slow Website LoadingOne mistake that many web designers commit is that in their effort to make the website attractive, vibrant and entertaining they use a lot of images and videos. These images and videos if not optimized properly would create unnecessary load on the servers which would result in a site that takes a hell lot of time to get opened. In the era of 3G and 4G speeds, no one has the time to sit idly and look at the webpage getting loaded in bits and pieces.

In case your design demands certain objects to be embedded on the website that will make it load slowly, you may want to play some animation during the loading time to keep the user busy and entertained.

These three web design mistakes are something that if taken care of will make sure that the web design is a hit and the website receives a huge traffic.

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