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Website is a visual representation of a company or an individual over the internet available for the internet users to access the information, ideas and vast field of knowledge about anything and everything. To create a globalised identity one must create a website suitable enough to fulfil the necessity of the internet users.

A well consistent interconnection between the web pages (visual pages where information can be accessed through internet) creates the backbone of website. Website graphics helps use to create unique websites that suits the necessity of the clients. Though a web designer can build a site with no graphics, yet users will recognize a bunch of bare pages as an adhesive “website” and such a site would seem displeasingly odd, as if it is outside of design standards and user outlook. Website graphics need not to be fancy; rather consistence throughout the pages in a website is required. This consistency establishes a sense that the pages are discrete yet related with each other as a whole and represents a visual version of an endeavor keeping the individuality intact.


Website Graphics is used to function not only for the writing but also a vast number of elements in its content. Some of the most important factors are described here.

  • Non-textual Matter: Pictorial representations are very much necessary to bring the meaning and refinement in the document in such a compact and memorable way that saves “thousand words” of description. The website exhibits a vast range of colors. Colour graphics on websites are almost same as of fine printing these days. It is quite obvious to use prominent figures and illustrations throughout the site to ensure attraction of the user. It will be a very time consuming and tedious and boring document if illustrations and photographs are not used. So flaunt the colors to make an attractive representation of an entrepreneur to the world.
  • Numerical graphics and system figures: This can explain theories and ideas logically. There is a huge difference between making numerical graphics on paper and drawing them on computer screen as the resolution differs. The tables and charts do well in both the cases but the crafting differs. In case of computer the crafting must be highly optimized to achieve the best quality.
  • Analytical Graphics: Sometimes numerical graphics is not enough to describe an idea to a user. Analytical data based designs; typically example and sometimes animated figure based are really helpful in this time. Now a day’s story-story telling animations are hot favorites of the clients. As this will not only make the documents more attractive but also it makes the document easy enough to analyse a concept or to give information.
  • Incorporation: After gathering all the necessary components of website graphics, the most important component is proper incorporation of all these items. A site which has all the necessary components, yet they are collaborated in a haphazard manner will confuse a user and this will lead to dissatisfaction and irritation that affects the business.

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