A Note on the Latest Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends in 2016They say that change is the only thing which is constant and how true it is for the trends of web design. The type of designing that used to be seen a decade back and the designs that are being used now and would remain in fashion for the next year at least are completely different. Web designing based companies are keeping pace with the changing trends and they are coming up with innovative web designs that will give the websites a contemporary look. Some of the most observed trends are included here.

Images in the background is the trend

Home pages of the websites nowadays have large and high resolution photos that cover up the whole background of the web page. High resolution photos with bold fonts are the latest trends of web designing as this pattern sets the mood of the website without the user reading even a word on it. Natural photos that capture the mood of the primary object are more preferred than artificial and fake looking photos.

Embedding videos is the trend

Videos are being embedded on the websites which were not seen in earlier days. These videos do the job of storytelling about the products and their features. In addition to that, looking at the video connects the user emotionally with the website and thereby with the product. Using HD quality videos has been in fashion since the last couple of years. Looking at the global surge in online video consumption rates is can be easily said that, web designing based firms and other web designers across the globe would be using video backgrounds in their web designs for quite some time now.

Modular designing is the trend

Grid based designing is the latest trend which the designers have started using in websites. While these are not being used for the time in recent years, but over the last couple of years, web designs have seen a robust use of modular designs where the products are being categorized and distributed in grids. This makes it very easy for the user to locate his required product and get relevant information about it.

With mobile phones coming up as the largest website viewing platform, the grid based designing is all the more important as in the small screen of mobile a tabular form of design would be rather clumsy for the user to navigate through.

Giving the right visual experience is the trend

Use of bright colors has been observed in the web designs off late. The concept of thinking bright colors to be non-professional has gradually faded out and designers are boldly using bright colored fonts, backgrounds or borders in the website to make it look vibrant and appealing.

Another latest trend of web design is the usage of ghost buttons. Unlike the solid buttons that would block most of the background, the ghost buttons do not have any color fill and just have the outline border which is white in most of the cases.

Web design trends keep on changing and while web designing has come a long way from where it was a couple of decades back, there are many more milestones waiting for the designers to achieve when it comes to setting new trends of web designing.

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