A Quick Note on Responsive Web Design

responsive web design a quick guideNowadays, a lot many websites are being created by means of professional web designers who create web pages using the right fonts, images, formats, texts and everything that is require to make a good website. However, the next phase of website viewing has arrived where people are more prone to view a website from their mobile phones. Hence web designing nowadays has shifted their paradigm and more focus is being on responsive web designs.

What is responsive web design?

In a responsive web design, the design is made to be compatible with any form of viewing media, be it a computer or a mobile phone. Like water takes the shape of the vessel, likewise a website with responsive web design would fit itself as per the viewing platform and provide optimal viewing experience to the visitor of the website.

For mobile users, many companies are developing mobile apps, which provide the right platform for the user to view the products and opt for services. However, the cost behind building an app is pretty high as compared to designing a responsive website. This is one of the most cost effective modes of web designing especially for companies that are not that big enough to develop their own app and let users browse through their products without a browser.

The challenges that are being faced

Responsive web designing does not only refers to the tale of resizing screen images automatically or putting adjustable screen resolutions but it is a complete saga of how to design the web pages that will make the pages fit into any kind of screen size and yet provide the best viewing experience to the users.

Talking of challenges, the first challenge lies in explaining the need of the responsive web design to the clients. The clients who do not have the technical niche have a tendency to believe that the web designers are unnecessarily adding more complexity to the whole chapter and that responsive web design is not required. Little do they understand that without a responsive web design, they may stand a strong chance of losing a major share of their target visitors who prefer going online from their mobile devices only!

Visuals become a huge challenge

Another challenge that is being faced during doing responsive web designing is that the complex data becomes difficult to be shown on a small screen.  Data tables that involve a lot of rows and columns become real messy to be seen on a mobile screen. The solution to this issue is that designers have to create responsive tables that will hide unwanted elements of the data table on a small screen.

Many web designers while designing web pages for desktops and laptops use a lot of creative designs which tend to take some good space. While similar imageries and OLE objects are supposed to be seen on the mobile screen as well, loading time of the web page becomes a matter of concern before the designers who are working on the responsive web designs. The best solution that designers apply is conditional loading where only those images and objects would be loaded that the user would need.

In the ever changing fast growing world of technology responsive web design is something without which the whole purpose of doing web designs goes for a toss.

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