Web Design Principles to Design a Striking Website

Will you love to visit any website that is boring? Your answer will obviously no and hence this will be reaction of almost all the visitors who visits your website.

Thus, it is necessary the website you are planning to design must have such influence over the visitors so that they take action. And attaining this is not easy as you will need expertise who will suggest you the best way to make your website remarkable and interesting. Your website will be considered good only if it is able to satisfy the need of your customers.

Your website should be able to provide necessary information and highlight those things that are of top priority. And for this the hierarchy of the web design is most important along with a good navigation.

If you are worrying that how all this possible then just follows the principles of is web designing and you will land up with a good and striking website.


For making any website attractive the color theme plays an important role. It plays vital role in defining the user experience. You can use complementary colors that will bring in the balance in the website and harmonize other elements. Contrasting colours are also used for background and text that will give an eye-pleasing experience to the viewers.

Availability and Accessibility

Your website must be available to the viewer’s when they need to see it. If any visitors search for your site and does not get it they may turn to some other site. Few things that are important for maintaining the accessibility and availability of your website are

  • The server must be maximum uptime so that when your viewers want they can watch the site then.
  • Existence of broken links or dead link is not good and hence checks your website for that again and again.
  • Nowadays users use different devices for exploring any website and hence make sure that your website is responsive.

Visual Hierarchy

With the help of visual hierarchy you will be able to dictate the viewing experience of your visitors. The different topics used in the website must be arranged according to their importance and then provided to the visitors so that they can enjoy great visual hierarchy. Keep a note of the size hierarchy as well as the content hierarchy of your website.


The text in the website should be read easily or else if they are straining on the eyes no one will return back to the website again. Make sure that you choose such fonts and size of font that will be easy to read and understand. Nowadays you can use different fonts from Google fonts that are quite good to be used in any website.


Finally, in all these do not forget about the layout of the website. It’s the layout that will give your website its final touch so concentrate on the color scheme, background, navigation and the overall presentation to ensure that you are developing an eye-catching website. There must be rich links also that will help your visitors to navigate the site from different aspects.

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