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Website Designing

World Wide Web is a concept where everybody can get in touch with others with the help of websites. With websites anybody can reach their customers, readers, followers throughout the world. For this it is important that the websites are great and now the question is what makes a great website? The basic of good website is getting the web designing done from reputed and good designer and keep the site simple and original. Other things that make a website great are

Good and original content

Anybody who is developing a website and wants it to be good must focus on the content of the website. Original content is the soul of any website. If you want that people visit your site then you must keep the content to the point and it should be original. People visits internet for various reasons and one of them is gathering information.

Thus, a good website should be able to provide required information to its viewers and if it is fine then they would bookmark your website.

Fix your target audience for your site

Before you start website design, it’s necessary that you fix who will be your target audience. It will be helpful while you create and present your content. When you know who would be your target audience you can make develop your content according to it and make it more presentable for them. See what is ‘new’ in the niche you are making website and let your viewers know about it.

The content should browser independent

You never know which browser would be used by your viewers? Hence, while you design the website it should stick to standard HTML code and not any browser specific HTML code. If you have any browser specific website, your site would not look good on other browsers and you would miss many viewers. Even it’s important nowadays that your website is viewed in mobiles easily. So, design the sites accordingly.

Minimal Loading Time

It is expected that your website would be used worldwide and the bandwidth of internet would be different in different places. Hence, it’s important that the loading time is minimal. Websites with extended loading time will disappoint many users and they would visit other sites.

You should use fewer graphic as it increases the loading time. Moreover, the crawlers of the search engines look for content rather graphics. So, it’s better to use fewer graphics.

Choose a secure server and analyze your traffic

Before you launch your website on the web, you need a server. Choose a secured one that can handle the traffic that you expect to visit your site. Also keep space for expansion in future. Never compromise the security of your website for any low cost server. You should also analyze the traffic that visits your site. Even you may also make strategies so that traffic to your site increases.

Search Engine Optimization

The most important thing for nay website is SEO. Your site may be great with original and informative content. However, if it is not ranked properly by the search engines, it would gradually lose its important as viewers cannot find it once they start searching for some relevant site of any particular niche. Thus, be sure you do not overlook Search engine optimization.

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