Web Graphic Designer

from the 1990s, Internet surfing speeds increased, and browsers are capable of viewing images on web page, the first being Mosaic. Websites and webpages began to use the GIF images to display small animated graphics, such as advertisements, banner designing, and navigation buttons, on websites. Modern internet browsers can now display JPEG, PNG, and SVG images also in addition to animated GIF on websites. SVG, and to some VML format, support in few modern web browsers now made it possible to display vector graphic designs that are clear at any size and color. Plugins enable the web browser functions to display animated videos, interactive and 3D graphic designs contained in the file formats such as X3D and SWF.

Modern web graphics made by using software such as the GIMP, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and Adobe Photoshop. Users of Microsoft Windows have Microsoft Paint, which many found to be lacking in modern features. This is because Microsoft Paint is a drawing software and not a graphic designing package.

Numerous websites have been created to provide freelance web graphics designers and to host their own communities. A large number of people use internet forum signatures generally representing after a user’s post and other digital graphics, such as photo editing and large graphic designs. computer games developers nowadays creating their own communities in internet around their products, a large number of websites are being developed to provide graphics for the fans and to possible them to show their creativity of such games in their gaming profiles.

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