Graphic Designing Service The History

Graphic design (the art of designing a message) has always been a part of our lives, even as far back as the early cave paintings of approximately 1000 BC. Scenes of the hunting, like the design at Lascaux cave walls, may have been more than decorative, graphic designing service serve a large number of purposes. One of them may have been to literally describe the animals as an instruction manual might, makeing what to take and what to avoid. Another purpose may have been to bring good fortune by presently making the animals on the rocks. Made with only wooden sticks and colored pigments, these naturally executed designs give a motivation to the hunting group and helped them to survive.


Fast-forwarding 14,000 years, a stone mosaic from Pompeii was used to give an important message: “Beware of the dog”. A ferocious dog perfectly made into the black and white mosaic with the help of words of caution made its point clearly to viewers. Forward another 1,700 years to the first 2d Cartoon animation of america’s politics, “Join or Die” a woodcut by Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790). Franklin’s wit and conviction we can see in the painting of a snake severed into eighths, each part of graphic design representing a British American region or town . The design inspired colonial unity in a yet-to-be-born country. Now, electronic media and  digital printing have replaced cave wall designs, mosaics, and woodcuts. But the function of graphic designer in India and world is the same to symbolize, educate, and give a creative message. Understanding graphic designing in the context of its history is essential to being a good graphic designer.

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