Graphic Design Standard And Principles

Graphic design service is defined as a pattern or plan created for the purpose of explaining or doing something. Every design explains how things are done and how to come up with something.

A design must have a real purpose, or else it will be an unacceptable and useless design. It must contain enough message. You can use visual designs, such as table, graphs, or charts, for it to become more practical. It should also explain the details. begin from the general idea of your design, then provide the specific details. Make sure that each element is related to the main idea of your design.

There are many types of design available, such as a graphic design. A graphic designing service results from the combination of lines, shape, colors, texture or materials.

color makes a graphic design more attractive and make alive your graphic design service. Here, you can apply the coloring theory. Each color has its own specialties, such as visible spectrum, dimension, inherent, emotive and some minor qualities. Major colors are the red, green and blue. If you make a mixture of these colors, new hues will be created. You can either have darker of lighter colors or contrasting colors. First we can take the white color for an example, it is the opposite color of black. Any color can appear darker or lighter depending on the field it is on. For example, when someone put pink beside green, pink seems the lighter color. But when you put pink and white at the same place, pink will look darker.

Your graphic designs should contain some designing elements, including texture, size, line, and shape. A line can be curved or straight that connects two points. Shape is a elements that has width and height. The three basic primary shapes are circle, triangle and rectangle. Texture is defined by the look and feel. It is basically the smoothness or roughness of the surface. Space means to the distance or area between or around things. The size defined to how small or large the thing is.

The principle of composition and making layout includes the perfect use of the elements, the balance distribution of weight, the rhythm or pattern, and the unity or the relationship between each and every element.

There are 4 basic perspectives; the one point perspective or the two-point perspective or the three point perspective, and the 3d illusion.

For the text, we can consider the type of font and the style you are using. There must be consistency in the width and height of the letters.

Be more creative, Follow the every rules in designing, make use of all theories. You will know that a graphic design service is very effective if you can successfully communicated your ideas to your target audience.

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