Troubles You May Face As a Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer in TroubleThere is no doubt that a successful graphic designer is creative and creativity is a gift that is not available to everyone. For some creative new ideas is very simple while for others it is quite tough. For creative people, everything in this world has different perspective and they see the world in different angle.

Just because of this creative skill, you find everything around you so interesting. Think how it would have looked if everything was simple and written in black bold alphabets! Graphic designers with their creative skills have created great logos like that of Apple, or have designed such graphics that has helped many to boost their sales.

Now, although graphic designing is a creative job, yet they too face a lot of problem when it comes to their profession. Let’s find out some of such issues that are faced by graphic designers.

Will you Photoshop my pictures?

A common question that comes way of almost every graphic designer is that is it possible to edit the image and make it more attractive? They have to spend a lot of time in editing photographs of friends and make them look fairer, slimmer, taller and prettier! In return they get a lot of like and compliments and forget totally about the creative hand that has made it possible.

Noticing and pointing out mistakes on random things

Another common thing faced by most graphic designer is that they always notice everything in minute details. When they are outside they look at the different combination of dresses wore by individuals, they look at various things in different way and that make them miss a lot of thing that others can enjoy while they are travelling.

Designing, redesigning, and more redesigning

This is a real threat for the graphic designer. They design something with their expert hands and then their client or bosses suggest something else and so they have to redesign the whole thing again. It goes on and sometimes the final results become something so poor that they hate to believe that it is their creation. Or it may also happen that after few phases of redesigning they land in the same design that they had done earlier! However, they have to follow instruction of clients.

If the computer or software crashes

Creative thoughts are not something that can be stored! You have to work on them the moment you have them. And in such situation the designer finds that there software is not working, it has crashed! Nothing can be more dangerous than it. Apart from that if the computer crashes while someone is working on a design and the last updates are not saved. All these situations are so struggling that they feel odd. However, this is part of file and such accidents happen so one has to accept it.

Eyes gets tired

A graphic designer spends almost the whole day staring at the computer screen. Thus, their eyes suffers most, they become watery and sometime even burns. Going to a doctor is not even helpful sometimes.

Thus, the life of these creative people is full of challenges which they take every day for making the world look beautiful.

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