Elements and Principles That Makes a Design Perfect

The “very hungry caterpillar’ is an image that will come into mind the moment you hear about it. This famous design can be remembered by all as it has a captivating design that appeals people regularly. It was done by Eric Carle, the famous American designer. Designing may have developed a lot from those days to till date but the basic element that made them beautiful and attractive in those days is still the same!


Here, let’s discuss about the features of graphic designing that will make your designs appealing to your audience.

Concept & Idea

The first thing that is most important in case of graphic designing or any other type of designing is the concept. Before starting the work any designer must have clear idea about what they are going to create. If they have the required perceptive then they can explain their client what they are about to do and design a graphics that will sooth the need of their customer. It is an iterative process that needs intellectual skills too. Hence, it is required to have a clear vision about what is in the making. After that, following the basic elements of the design can be easily created.

Elements of Design

The basic elements of design are

  • Line that is whether the design should be vertical, diagonal, horizontal or curved?
  • What must be the shape of the representation? Should it be a square, circle, oval or triangle? Should the shape be two dimensional or three dimensional?
  • The form of the design also matters, that is whether it should be three dimensional, three geometric or organic.
  • The color of the design also matters a lot. Should the hue be deep or light, what should be tint of color in the design?
  • The texture of the design must also be considered like if a rugged design wills sooth the purpose or a shiny one!
  • Spacing is an important element as it will make the image attractive to the viewers. Without proper spacing a good design may also look odd!

Principles of Design

Once the elements of the design are clear, it’s time for maintaining the principle.

  • Contrast of the design is most important. It must be checked whether the elements in the design highlights each other or there is no focal point.
  • Where the emphasis of the design must be put so that it looks attractive?
  • The pattern of the design must also be taken care to ensure that it is regular or symmetrical.
  • Even if the pattern is asymmetrical, there must be balance in the elements that will make the image look perfect.
  • Scale or proportion of the design also plays an important role. If any elements are too big than others then the whole design’s focus will be on it making the design look odd.
  • Is the design harmonious that is it comes out as a whole in the eyes of the viewers? Is there consistency in the design that makes it look perfect?

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