Motion Graphic Designing

Motion Graphic Designing is a subcategory of graphic designing service in that it uses graphic designing principles in a movie making or video creation context through the use of 2D animation or 3D Animation techniques. such as the typography and graphic designs you can see as the titles of a film, or opening credits for television, web-based animations, three-dimensional logo (3D Logo) for a television channel. this art form has been around for a log time, it has taken quantum steps forward in recent years like its technology.

Technology in Motion Graphics

The improvement of this art form is largely due to its technological improvements. Computer software for the film and animation industries have become vastly more structured and more available. One of the main software used by motion graphic designers is “Adobe After Effects” which allows motion graphic designers to create and modify graphics. Adobe After Effects is referred to as “Photoshop for motion graphics” A relatively main software in the market for 2D animation is Adobe Flash, now a part of every 2D Animation Studio in India. Adobe Flash is mainly used to create 2D animation for the website designing.

Recently, motion graphics designing needs more than a few techniques and practices to be created smoothly. Tools like Autodesk Maya and 3d Max has integrated tools to create 3D Graphics, such as the 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Product Demonstration that can also be used for more 3D purposes. While technology used are mainly dependent on the graphic designers, trends are also main factor to defining on which techniques are used.

Motion Graphic Designer

A motion graphic designer is a person highly trained in graphic designing service who has learned to integrate the elements of graphics, sound and animation into his existing skill-set of graphic designing knowledge. Motion graphic designers can also come from video making or animation companies.

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