3D Animation- The Magical Art That Has Changed Animation

You must have been acquainted with animation since you were a child. Famous cartoons characters still keep you mesmerized just the way they had been doing when you were a kid. Thus, when animated characters are part of your life, it is natural that you must have idea about animation.

3D Animation

For those who do not have much idea about what animation is all about, here is a simple description. It is a creative art where illusion of life is created with the help of consecutive drawings. However, there is huge evolution even in the art of animation from those days to one that you see now.

It’s age of 3D animation

If you think of famous cartoon character like Tom and Jerry and Disney characters then you will remember how those cute characters created magic on screen. However, now animation has changed a lot and gone are those days when animation was done by hand drawn images. Its age of 3D animation and everything around you is real. Think of the movie “the Jungle book!”

3D animation is quite different from 2D animation where 3D is the acronym for three dimensional. This, in 3D animation things are three dimensional and it obviously arouses a question in your mind that when both 2D and 3D animation are viewed on flat two dimensional screens then what difference does 3D animation makes?

The answer lies in the process how these different styles of animations are created. In 2D animation the animator draws images on flat papers or screen. There is no question of third dimension there. It is just like any photograph that you take with your camera. Now, in 3D animation things are totally different where the animator just does not work with the images. They have to work with three dimensional sculptures for completing the animation. These are known as 3D models which are part of 3D animation.

A 3D animator’s works more or less like a puppeteer who controls their puppets to tell you a whole new story. Still there is difference with that of puppeteer and a 3D animator. A 3D animator has to control his virtual 3D model for creating the magic that is known as 3D animation. If they find that the right emotions cannot be captured then they may change the animation for getting the right emotions and feelings.

Skills required for 3D animation

When you watch 3D animation it fun and sitting there you may feel that it is a very easy and simple task. However, the reality is totally different; it is a complex task that needs years of practice and talent for completing the work.

To complete 3D animation apart from the 3D animator there are many other professionals who are involved. They are

  • 3D modelers who create the virtual 3D objects that are used for animation later.
  • Texture artists who are responsible for painting the 3D models that are sculpted by the 3D modelers.
  • 3D model riggers who prepare the 3D models for making animation.

Thus, the magic called 3D animation is created with the effort of all these people.

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