Some of the tips given for the 2D animator to develop the skills in Animation


Animation is an art form undergone a sea change with the advancement of technology. The traditional hand-drawn animated drawings to the shift of computerized dimensional images have moved forward the animation miles through these dynamic animations.

Each and every animation requires lots of planning. Any short story if needs to be animated then the chalking out the plan and characters are very important in the beginning. First the images to be incorporated, then dialogues to be made with the light and sound effects. These details need to be locked in the single frame. And the incorporation of making into a final product is critical, time-consuming and very illustrious.


There are various tools to be used for the 2D animation where the animator uses five or even more than the layers of papers at some level of translucency. Another or the most important is the backlight in cases of drawings. If any freelancer or the industry wants to save money then could make such light box at home. Only it should be remembered that there remains a facility of the light box of changing angles on the surface of the drawing region.

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There are techniques for 2D animation where the key drawings sum up the action mostly. This is ‘key-to-key’ animation. Sections in-between are only added after the key positions get down. The ‘straight ahead’ images create vibrancy and look more energetic. Changes in distortions in sizes are very likely in many cases. This key-to-key animation controls the 2D animation timings and allows the slow movements of the in-between images.


Any freelancer of animation or the animator should know certain things. The animator must be aware of having the knowledge of the know-how of work. It helps or allows the animator to know the movement in reality. Such observation or skill could only make the worker a true and successful 2D animator. The animator has to pay a close attention to the inanimate objects especially in case of weight, height and other related matter. When the animation is done to these characters, learning the anatomy of reality is essential especially when the humanoid characteristics are applied to them. This learning and application in terms of movement, behavior and interaction if done in an organic manner then only the 2D animator stands successful and is out of the crowd since the story touches the human soul.

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