Computer Animation Has Made Animation Simpler

When you think of animation the first thing that comes to most people mind is ‘Tom and Jerry’ or those cartoon shows that had made your childhood days exemplary. They are actually classic example of classic animation. With technological advancement in every sphere animation too has gone through a changeover.

There is different between classic animation and computer animation. Obviously the primary difference is created by the tools that are used for creating these animations. The cost incurred for completing these animations and finally the quality of output is also important when it comes to deduce the difference between traditional and computer animation.

Traditional animation

Classic or traditional animation, whatever name is used for it is a hands-on process. In it hand drawn images are drawn in hundreds with simple difference from each other. Then these individual frames are transferred to clear plastic cels and arrange in sequence for capturing them in a sequence.

For completing a whole traditional animation you will require almost every crew that is needed to complete a movie like there will be artists, painters, background artists for rendering voice, camera crew, directors and script writers for completing the whole project. If you think of the total time required for completing a project it can be really overwhelming.

Computer animation

Earlier when 3d animation was first developed it was more of Claymation where stop motion filming techniques are applied. However, as gradually computer animation started developing and new software were developed for creating 3D animation and giving final touch to them, the animation world have seen a changeover.

As computer animation started more to be in practice many tools that were required in classic animation was no more required. With computer animation in progress what was more needed is a computer that is loaded with different software for developing 2D or 3D animation. Of course the designers must be able to handle the software.

After compute animation has come in the process of animation has become less labor intensive than it used to be in earlier days. Now, cartoon characters are drawn with the help of software and the skill of an artist for drawing a series of images can be done through computers. It has become easy to make necessary changes and complete the projects easily. The time required for completing a particular project has also reduced a lot with the invent of computer animation.

Different software like MAYA and others are used so that real like animation are created that is ruling the market presently.

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