What Is 3D Architecture Visualization ?

3D Visualizing refers to the process of making imagination in your brain. It basically means visualizing the scene mentally. 3D Architectural visualization means imagine the plan in your mind that best reflects the planned environment before the start of any project of construction or 3D designing. 3D Architectural visualization is commonly used to represent the architectural designs to the clients or promoting the unfinished building for the clients.

But, before the making a 3D architectural visualization design it is require to have a exact plan on hand so that we can actually display the architecture.

What is 3D modeling?

3d modeling can be described as a process of developing a digital wire frame of any three dimensional object or model. These 3D models can be display as an image in digital or printed form using a process called 3D Rendering service. 3D animations are developed using most modern 3d animation technologies. They have perfect resolution, sharpness and shape of object according to your imagination. Hence the any complex architecture designing service can be created with the help of this.

How it reduces the cost?

3D architectural visualization has amazing and magical method in the world of engineering and construction. The basic target of this process is to represent the plan of construction in a better way so that clients can understand the plan easily. By using 3D modeling service we can display the copy of the plan with an animated image but the 3D designing service needs special software to improve the plan in a better and reliable way. This saves the time and cost of construction. There are so many types of 3D modeling and animation services generated by computer available.


The main process of 3D architectural visualization is similar to the photography at the extent, but there several methods of 3D rendering service to provide different output. There are two process widely used in the Auto-CAD software, wire-frame rendering and Scale line rendering.

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