Picking the Right 3D Animation Studio to Work With

When 3D animation is the buzz word now, it is quite normal that one will love to use them for their company. Now, while you have decided to go for 3D animation it’s necessary that you have the right partner who will help you get the desirable 3D animation for your concern.

There are a lot of 3D animation studios and each of them is specialized in different type of work. Thus, when you start looking for the right choice for your company make sure that they are appropriate for you as their work will give your marketing efforts proper results.

There are different genres and different companies specialize in certain specific genre. Like some are expert in animated commercials while other do documentaries or character design best. Some have expertise in architectural visualization and other in medical visualization.

While you look for the right studio to work with concentrate on the following
  • First check the portfolio of the studio you are dealing with. They must have an extensive portfolio or at least one that do similar type of work that you are planning to develop. One with extensive portfolio will share their experience while a studio that has worked on the same profile will give you confidence.
  • Try to know if the company you are planning to handover the project has more in house staff or works mainly with freelancers? Many freelancers are not responsible and they will not complete the work. Although the company will be liable at the end for completion of the project but you will suffer too!
  • Ask about their deliveries and milestone in the project. Any studio that has extensive work experience will surely be able to let you know about their pipeline and when can you expect the work to be completed. If not then you need to re think about your decision of choosing them.
  • Work with studios that are prompt in responding to your emails and calls. If they do not do that it means that either they are very busy to respond or they do not care to respond. Both these attitude do not show a positive response to the work culture. It’s better to look for next vendor.
  • The studio that you are planning to work with must have project managers who are handling your project. Talking things with marketing people will not be fruitful as they can understand marketing needs but not those special cool effects that you are looking forward in your 3D animation.
  • Once everything is discussed check out how much time do they take for submitting the action plan and the quotation? However, here you must remember that you should not judge any company by the quotation nor should you compare quotations. As animation companies will have different quotations based on their portfolio, staff strength, standard of work and so on. Know your budget and try to choose someone who fits well inside your budget and delivers what you expect from them.
  • Finally, you must remember that any animated project is not a short term work. You have to deal with the company for long period, thus, work with those studios with whom you feel comfortable. You need to enjoy the working relationship to get a desirable result.

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