Some Interesting Features of 3D Animation

The animators create the video for different purposes. Whether done for a story or for educational purposes there is a huge difference between both 2D and 3D animation. 2D animation creates the video for the screen through sketches, computer generated sketches or stop motion animation, claymation and more.

The distinctive techniques used to make the end results creative and innovative could fall either into 2D animation techniques or 3D animation techniques. Flat images with height and width but without any depth are primarily the main vehicle to create and manipulate hand-drawn sketches which are the background story of the traditional way of creating 2D images. But digital animated images done on computers have come up with the advancement of the software of computer animation. However, the 3D animation significantly differs from the 2D images as it produces more realistic characters with three dimensions like height, width and depth.


All the 3D images are done with the help of various computer software applications. These images are very attractive as they are very realistic and lifelike and similar to physical objects. Appearing in three-dimensional spatial surfaces the images rotate and move like the real objects. Graphic presentation and visual flairs done through various 3D graphics and geometric calculations form the objects of the 3D world. The 3D graphics in the forms of lines and triangles have x-y-z coordinates with RGB values, texture, translucency, reflectivity and certain other various characteristics.


Here are some tips to make 3D Animation more simple.


The pipeline architecture performs numerous geometric calculations per second. More memory and more data are worked at the same time for the graphics processing units. The ultimate goal of the graphics pipeline is used extensively in the video games or in the 3D movies where the exact skin and facial expressions done through GPU (graphics processing units).


The basics of 3D animation have 3D applications in two major ways. Keyframe animation as done by Walt Disney or Winsor Mc Cay has changed the entire way of looking into the keyframing techniques but still many of its applications are there. But what changed are the various 3D packages of software providing enormous scope to the 3D animation artists. Spacing, timing, creating illusion of motion are all captured through these 3D software packages through interpolation or ‘tweening’ in-between the key frames which are then later calculated by the software automatically to produce some kind of great key frames. Capturing motion with some animation in video games translates any picture into a commercially viable option.

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