Follow Ethics While Getting Your Message Animated

Ethics of animationAnimation has seen has evolution over the past epoch. Earlier it was hand drawn and took much time to complete one particular animated story. However, with time evolution has taken place and now things are simpler. This may be a cause that the use of animated logos, images and cartoons have increased over time.

The reason behind flourishing of animation, whether it’s 2D animation or 3D animation is the various benefits that you derive from it.

Benefits of animation

With computer animation the process of animating something has become less labor intensive. It can now be developed much easily than earlier and hence has become cheaper than it used to cost earlier. However, it is a good medium of conveying your message to your customers and a good animation attracts the attention of children and adults alike.

Just think what will attract your attention more? Few words that are designed nicely or the same words by some animated character? Naturally, you will love viewing the animation. This is why animation is preferred by many advertisers for advertising their products. It leaves a last longing effect on the customer than any other way of communicating them.

And why only business? If you want to teach your kid something they too will learn better from their favorite characters instead of listening them from you or their teacher. Animation is beneficial for any business, charitable societies or educational institutions for conveying their message to the public.

While using animated presentations there are certain legal and ethical issues that must be followed.

Legal and ethical issues in animation

Whenever you are conveying something to the public, whether for charitable purpose or as business message, you need to remember that you are abided by certain legal issues. They are

  • While making animation .it should be remembered that it is an art and one should respect other works too. No one must copy material that is created by anyone else. Animation too is considered as intellectual property and one must not copy work done by others. Copyright is essential and infringement of copyright must be avoided at all circumstances.
  • The image content is also important and it is very difficult to ascertain whether anything is becoming similar to other work. However, while doing animation or getting it done by others makes it clear that it should be unique that has no resemblance with other work as it may become a stain on your reputation.
  • Business ethics is very important nowadays. Without it no one can survive properly. It is necessary that businessmen do ethical business and respect others. Remember that while you are handing over the project to someone else you should keep in mind that their work is paid properly.

Thus, when something becomes popular than earlier there are reasons behind it and at the same time there must be certain code of conduct that should be followed by animators as well as entrepreneurs who are hiring them in order to ensure that the final output is unique and does not violate the laws.

Disclaimer: All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

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