Are 2D Animation and Graphic Animation Same?

Internet has changes a lot of things and the ways the videos are presented are also included in it. Uses of videos have increased a lot in different websites and even in advertisements. Moreover it is found that those sites that use videos have more organic traffic than ones those who do not have. Websites with explainer videos have better ROI and all this is reason that demand of animation has changed and along with that different options are available in animation.


2D animation has been there for long and now the word Graphic animation is all there. Before you decide which type of animation will be better for your business you have to know about the difference between them! This article will put emphasis to explain and clarify the difference.

What is 2D Animation?

2D animation or two dimensional animations is commonly known as cartoon animation and is one of the popular styles of explainer video. There are reasons behind it. They are

  • The characters chosen in 2D animation can be easily communicated by the audience. They can easily perceive those characters as someone who is there beside you. Hence, it becomes easier to convey the message easily to the customers. A realistic message can be conveyed to the customers through these customers who become almost real.
  • Most of the 2D animations are story driven and hence the viewer’s get engrossed with it. The message is crafted in beautiful way which makes the message clear to the audience; whether it is directly spell out or not.
  • If the 2D animation is executed correctly, the audience can connect with it easily as the messages are generally conveyed at personal level. The storyline along with the characters appeals to the emotions and not just reasoning of any individual.
  • Mostly these animations have quirky characters that make the whole thing humorous. The humor makes the whole experience memorable for the audience and hence they remember the brand too.

What is Graphics Animation?

If any technical message is to be conveyed then graphical animation is used. In case of conveying any technical message this animation is a popular style of animation. Like when high level statistics is explained with the help of 2d characters. Different reasons that make it popular are

  • In a well-crafted graphics animation you will find a powerful pack of explanations that will put emphasize on the things that are being explained. It does not emphasize on the story line, rather importance is given to the message that is being conveyed.
  • Graphic animation is very useful when technical matters are explained. It does not matter if the subject is very complex with the help of graphic animation things becomes simple.
  • It sometimes becomes very difficult to covert the numbers to visuals. However with the help of graphic animation it becomes simple and one can easily convey the message they intend to.

It is best tool for B2B communication. When technical explanations are to be given or research results are to be shared this form of animation is the best tool that will help explaining those technical terms and research material easily.

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