What is Logo Designing Service ?

A logo is a graphic mark, sign, or symbol commonly used by companies, organizations and even individual and micro companies to aid and promote instant publicity. Logos are either purely graphic like icons and symbols or are text of the name of the organization (word-mark).

In the days of metal typesetting, a logotype was a unique set and arranged colophon. At the position of mass communication and in normal usage a company’s logo is noways often uses for its trademark or brand.

The current scenario of logo designing service began in the 1870s with the first abstract logo, only Bass red triangle. As of 2015 many corporations, brands, products, agencies, services and other entities use an logo (sign, icon) or an graphical logo (symbol) or a combination of sign and text as a logo design. As a result, only little quantity in the thousands of logo designs in circulation are can be seen without a name. An attractive logo may consist of both an graphic and the company name to emphasize the name over the graphic designing, and employ a unique logo design via the use of letters, text, font, colors, and more graphical elements.

Text and symbols may be more effective than only text, especially for logo designs translated into many alphabets in increasingly globalized industries. For instance, a logo written in Arabic script might have some resonance in most European industries. By contrast, text keep the general proprietary element of a product in both industries.

Branding can aim to provide cross-language marketing. Consumers and potential customers can identify the Coca-Cola logo written in different elements because of its standard color and unique ribbon wave design of its logo.

Logo designing service is an important area of graphic designing service India, and one of the hardest to perfect. The logo design is the image presenting an organization. Because logos are design to represent company’s brands or industrial identities and provide their immediate consumer recognition, it is effective strategy to frequently redesign your logos.

The logo designing profession has substantially increasing over the years parallel with the rise of the Modernization in the United States in the 19s. Three great designers are considered the legend of that development and of logo and business identity design first name is Chermayeff & Geismar, the firm responsible for a large number of great logos, such as Chase Mobil Oil (1965), Bank (1964), NBC (1986), PBS (1984), National Geographic (2003) and many more. Due to the clarity, simplicity and creativity of their logo designs, many of their logos are still in use today. The company recently designed logo for the fashion brand Armani Exchange and the Library of Congress. Another legend of logo designing service is Paul Rand, a person who was one of the author of the Swiss Style of logo designing. He designed large number of posters and logo designs, including the famous logos for UPS, IBM, and ABC. The third legend of logo designing service is Saul Bass. He was responsible for some recognizable logo designs in North America, such as successor AT&T Corporation globe (1983) and the Bell Telephone logo (1969). Other well-known logo designs were Dixie (1969), Continental Airlines (1968), and United Way (1972). Later, bass would produce logo designs for a number of Japanese organisation as well. Charmayeff, Paul Rand and Saul Bass all died in 1996.

Logo Designing and color combination

Color combination is a basic element in logo designs and play an important role in brand development. The importance of color combination in the logo designing service is due to the of human visual perception, where color combination and contrast play an important roles in logo and graphic designing. In addition, we tend to acquire number of color associations and color connotations through social and culture reaction, and these play a role in how we react and evaluate logo color. While color is important to brand recognition and logo designing service, it should not conflict with logo function, and it should be remembered that color associations and connotations are not stay across all cultural and social groups. such as, in the United States of America, red, blue, and white are often used in logo designs for companies that need project feelings but other countries will have different combination of colors that pride nation. Similarly, industry sectors tend to favor different color sets strong and saturated colors are favored in the fast food industries and more somber and less saturated colors in the banking sectors.

Choosing an company’s logo’s color is a very important factor because of its ongoing implications and its role in making differentiation among competitors. A methodology for choosing potential logo colors for an industry sector is color mapping, whereby existing logo color combination are systematically mapped, evaluated and identified

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