Graphic Designing Occupations

A large number of occupations are classified under the category of graphic designer. Graphic design industry paths cover all ends of the creativity.

Graphic Designer

The following are types of some positions or responsibilities, held by freelance graphic designers


Logo Designer

The job of a freelance logo designer is to create a new and innovative way to express the main points of an organisation through a design. Logo designers take all the information given to them by the clients, using their own mind and creativity along with company’s strategy to find an appropriate logo that their client can use to represent their brand, sell, company. It is not necessary that a company will specialize in logo design service or have a position for of a logo designer. common freelance graphic designers usually can create logo designs.


illustration Designer

Illustrators create illustrations that represent a story or an idea through 2D graphics or 3D Graphics. Illustrators may do designing for printed materials such as magazines, books, and other printing material, or for commercial products such as packaging, textiles, greeting cards, wrapping paper, stationery, calendars, and more.

Illustrators use many different tools, from pencil to digital formatting, to create their illustrations. A freelance illustration designer consults with their clients in order to determine what type illustration designing service will best meet the idea they are trying to represent.

Illustration designing may be a secondary skill requirement of a great graphic design or a main skill of a freelance graphic designer, usually known for a different style of illustration designing. this art may be published separately as in fine art.


Visual Image Developer

Similar to illustration designing are other methods of creating graphics such as video making, 3D modeling, image editing, 2D and 3D Animation. Creative professionals in these category are not usually called illustration designer, but are utilized the same technique. 3D modelers are likely to be freelancer for long-term project. Image editing is secondary skill to either of the above, and may also be a profession to aid software development, web development, or multimedia development. Although these skills require some technical knowledge and graphic designing skills may be applied.


Multimedia Developer

Freelance Multimedia developers may come from graphic designing profession or illustration background and apply those skills to sound and motion. Motion designers are also graphic designers for video. Animators are one of motion designers. Multimedia developers may also sound edit, image edit, program, or compose multimedia as multimedia specialists.


Web Designer

A freelance web designer’s work can be viewed by hundred of people every day. Website designers create the layout, pages, and graphics for website designing, and play a important role in the development of a creative website. Web designers have the task of developing the look and feel of a website design by choosing the style and theme, and by designing creative graphics, images, and other elements, and converting them for the web page. freelance Web designers India also develop and design the navigation tools of a website. Web designers may make decisions relating what content is included on a website page, where images are placed, and how the website continuity is maintained from one screen to other programs. All of this involves training and skill in graphic design, computer graphics, and in the latest in web technology

Depending on the project, web designing service may involve collaboration between graphic designers and software engineers. The graphic designs of a website may be simple as a plain layout sketch or just the graphic designs in a HTML editor, while the advance coding of website is done separately by programmers and software developers. In some cases, graphic designers may be challenged to making both graphic designs and programming in the process of web designs, this is known as web masters.


Package Designer

A package designer or packaging graphic designer may utilize technical know how aside from graphic designing. Knowledge of crease, cuts, folding, nature and behavior of a packaging material such as corrugated sheet, paper, synthetic or other type of material knowledge may also be required. A client may see the outside of a package at first, and may also be drawn to other package designing features. packaging designing may require some 3D layout skills in addition to the visual communication.

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