Graphic Designer

A Good Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing is the art of “creating of visual thoughts for communicating with other it may contain some images, textures or text ” A Graphic Designer or artist is liable to arrange and to use some good elements such as images, texts, illustrations, types, colours and other similar things to make their graphic good looks and beautiful, most common graphic software programs used by a graphic designer are adobe photoshop, adobe illustration or InDesign.

Graphic Designing is a creative cycle which can be seen in everything we do these days, When we look into any website or applications many graphic designs involve their, they are result of creative mind of a graphic designer with their talented hands can be seen everywhere around us they are in our daily use morning paper or our favourite websites or on our boring books or on our favourite magazines and footage.

But mainly a graphic designer done the following works to make their pockets alive.

-Graphic Designers design logos
-They put beauty and uniqueness on our websites through their magical designing hands.
-They are present in our formal cards and pamphlets
-Graphic Designer design those advertisements which we see everyday.
-They are present in our boring books and notes as well.
-A graphic Designer design brochures, posters and other layouts.
-They have existence in our clothes, bags, greeting cards, and other similar things.

in short a graphic designer present in each and every single moment of our life and they make our life alive with the magical design and illustration, we can not imagine any website, newspaper, poster, advertisement, magazines or other daily products without graphics the work of graphic designer can be seen everywhere and anywhere.

As the days going ahead we are making our minds more demanding to new ideas in this new era, that is the reason of development in every industry. yes, graphic designing industry also developing itself with the use of flawless and fabulous new generations softwares and minds, A simple graphic which we can imagine can contain many efforts and complexities faced by a graphic designer, lets take up an example of a simple poster below.

Yeah this poster looks simple but if you see the steps to design that simple piece of art you for sure agree with my view that a graphic designer faced many minds games and hurdles to design it.
lets go ahead with step by step.

First the Graphic Designer start designing a matching background with the theme and rhythm of a poster design.
The secondly is start writing content on the poster design to get an idea.
The third step which a graphic designer do is putting some good images on good locations.
The next he have to do is give some effects to images and text such as shadow, highlight etc.
The fifth he do adjustments in text and images to make their poster designing more attractive and beautiful.
And at the last he is able to give final touch to this simple art :p

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