What Things Graphic Designers Need To Know ?

Social context, technology, and ways of working with other freelance graphic designer will change. In order to become and remain good in their practice, graphic designers need to continuously learn and develop theory, formal concepts, methods, and techniques.

While graphic designers often focus on a specific category, no one works in a whole designing services, so it is important to know and understand the history, theory, and background of the graphic designing service as a whole. Many of the first objects in graphic designing, fashion graphic design, and interior designing began in urban areas in 20th century to give workers in the new industrial economy the way to rise beyond their specific services.



Theory refers to any system of idea that help to explain or learn about why we do the things that we do. Of course, graphic designers regularly read and learn theory from other areas of study such as architecture, art, economics, sociology, anthropology, technology, and science, but writing and reading graphic design theory is how designers communicate to each other about the things that show and discover commonalities beyond our daily questions about technique or business. Theory also shifts and create with culture and science, as new relationships, techniques, and modes of creating new questions.


Formal Concepts

The way to looks something has always pass a meaning. To understand connection between them, graphic designers first need to an ability to look at the globe and understand why objects look the way they do, both historically and in present day. From there, freelance graphic designers need to an ability to put forms, images and type, together and be able to judge this whether or not graphic designs convey a required message. Then freelance graphic designers need to learn how to use these method of relationships, sometimes make this as a rule or guideline.



A graphic design service method is a repeatable way of making things that can further be broken down into number of processes. Methods give the answer of what and when of doing things in a graphic design project. All graphic design methods include some piece of research, prototyping, iteration, idealization, and presentation, but may approach each of these process differently depending on the mode and medium, the audience, and the purpose of to convey of message.



Technique is about how to design a graphic. It’s the most valuable yet rapidly changing thing of what graphic designers know. At the time of starting, a freelance graphic designer is minimum expected to know how to manipulate graphics, colors, type, forms, and images for both digital media using for contemporary software and printing of graphic designs, how to put them a movement with or without an audio, and how to create and modify themes and working prototypes for website designing service and mobile app designing through basic programming in HTML, Java Scripts and CSS.

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