Application of 3D Animation in Various Industries

When 3D animation has begun its journey it was mainly used for making movies. However, with time things have changed and it has now become a useful tool that can be used for variety of purposes. Various industries are using 3D animation for fulfilling different needs. Earlier when Pixar’s Toy story was released in 1995 no one expected that it will be extensively used in other industries like business, architecture, medicine and others.

In 1993 Jurassic Park was released where computer graphics played a major role in depicting the dinosaurs. However, they were the supplementary characters in the movie. In 1995, Toy story removed all bars and it was a movie that was made totally based on computers.

After starting its journey then 3D animation has been adopted by many industries as it proves useful for all of them in some or other way. It is also a challenging career path that gives creative people a way to think in different manner.

Different industries that are using 3D animation regularly are

  • Interior designing
  • Medicine
  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Stage Shows
  • Gaming, and not to mention
  • Film making

Architecture and 3D animation

3D animation has opened up new avenues for interior decorators. There is software that is specifically designed for this purpose and it allows the interior designers to see the layout of the room’s right in their computer. Of course it is created by the software. It gives them the opportunity to give their clients the exact idea that what will be the specific room look like and how will different elements go with the room.

Architects find it useful as with it they can design the buildings they are planning to build beforehand and visualize them to others. Not only them different manufacturers like automobile industry, bicycle designers are using this technology for designing and viewing the final output before actually working it out physically.

Medicine and 3D animation

3D animation has proved to be a useful tool for the medicine field too. With the medical animations it has become simpler to educate a young surgeon about the different intricacies of the surgical techniques. Transmission of conceptual information has become simpler and easy. One can understand things fast and easily as they can visualize them and obviously visualization has better effect than reading a text.

Gaming and 3d animation

It’s needless to mention that gaming has come along a long way and the credit goes mostly to 3D animation. Animators develops such models that looks like real and this has make people stuck to this virtual world that is fun and interesting. You can think of any popular game in the world of virtual games and find that everything is possible only because of 3D animation.

Apart from the field mentioned above animation has been successfully use in other industries too. Like in business they are helpful in making presentations, provide training and of course for marketing the products that includes commercials. The reasons behind such successful application of animation are that it can be used in different way to create a virtual reality.

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