Basic Guideline for Website Graphics


The pictorial representations and quantitative designs are very important to describe an idea or information with anyone. This is the basic foundation of website graphics. A website with only documents and theories and no graphical representation at all will not only make it least popular but also will bring a negative impact on the company.

To design a website some basic guidelines must be followed to achieve a great effect in website graphics.

  • Lucidity within the pages:   the components must be placed according to their essentiality so that the webpage looks pertinent with the content.
  • Envisioning: visual representation plays pivotal role in website graphics so it is best to use appropriate pictorial representations to make the site logical and attractive.
  • Colour variants: None around the globe will admire a black and white pictorial representation. Colours and their various combinations can stimulate interest in people to check out even a very common item used in daily life. it is said that every colour has its own characteristics and triggers attraction to different people with different personalities. So it is advisable to choice the colour variants very carefully to make an attractive, vibrant and lively representation. According to the content and type of website it is advisable to mix colours in satisfactory amount. A right combination of either contrast or nearly same shade of colours can bring out a vibrant outlook and pleasant presentation of an endeavor through the internet which is always appealing to the users.
  • 3D impact of the graphic on website design: 3 dimensional effect attributes a sense of space between textual presentations and graphical elements. 3 dimensional illusive effects are very effective for great results. They also give the user feelings like a real life experience.


  •  Prudent writing: a wise and responsible text matter is always the main content of a website. The graphic designing, diagrams and figures are just the decorations essential to make a document more attractive and lucid to the users. So the very important that extra attention must be paid to the HTML text of the webpage, as that is the back bone of the website.

I also wants to share with you, how you can balance text with visual elements.

  • Comprehensibility: The language and grammar of it is very import while writing. One as to choose a language targeting the audience he wants to address through his website. Good website graphics software must incorporate with quality HTML writing software to achieve this. Also the text fronts represent the importance of various parts of the text. A seraph is advisable after every line with necessary emphasize on keywords.
  •  Arrangement: The way the contents and elements are arranged in the web pages is the soul- meaning of the website. Otherwise it will be a meaningless gibberish for the users. It is advisable to recheck the arrangements of all the components before the final call repeatedly.
  • Steer of Navigation: A website is a combination of a number of web pages. So creation of navigation for users to explore the website is essential.

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