Designing Nowadays Is Mixture of Creativity with Technology

Nowadays creating a design is not just a creative skill, it has turned into a technology driven skill too. Having an artistic skill will not allow anybody to become a successful designer until and unless they have sense of using the graphic suites and different software that will help those making creative designs. Now you have to work with technology and imagination together for completing a great graphic design.

This is not true for graphic designing only, but as a web designer you have to remember that it’s a mixture of creativity along with technology.

Basic Rules to Designing for the Web

When it comes to creative and imaginative work likes illustration designing or web designing, it is actually very difficult to set any boundaries. The ultimate objective of the designer must be to design a website or illustration that will meet the purpose for which it is created.

While designing a website or any other graphic design the first thing that must be considered is to design something that will attract the attention of the viewers. It must have certain elements that cannot be surpassed by any viewers. In case of website designing it is done so that people visit the site and do transactions over there. Hence, the design should be such that will attract the attention of the viewers.

The visuals should not only be attractive but must have enough compelling material in it that will make the visitor check out different things out there. In case of illustration they must be so that they can create an image in the mind of the viewer so that they think about it later. This will help in conveying the message successfully.

Keep it simple but Effective

This statement is true for any designing. It must be simple but effective that will attract the attention of the viewers and should not have so many complexities. A website where the visitors cannot find out what they are looking for easily will not be preferred by them. They always look for something that is simple and attractive.

Like in an ecommerce site the main aim is to sell products online. Now, after choosing the product if the customer is not able to find the ‘add to cart’ button then it is obvious that they will look for another website for buying product. This is a simple example and it is obvious that no website designer will miss out such simple things. However, most of the time in the hope of designing a site that has modern technology embedded in it some simple things are overlooked and that is what makes it odd.

Simplicity and creativity are the two buzzwords that will make every design look great. Hence, when a creative person works with the latest technology their imagination can create magic, only thing that must be remembered in this context is that the designs should be target oriented and must have the message conveyed in a simple way.

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