Stationery Designing Tips for Your Company

stationery designing

Whether you feel the importance of business stationery or not, but they are all around you. Yes, when you are deciding to place an order you need business stationery or when you are meeting a prospective client you will need business stationery. And over all these business stationary namely your business card, letter heads, envelops plays an important role in creating your brand.

So, if you want to get noticed from the scratch you should design your stationery in a unique way that is not boring. If you think that the use of business stationery has become limited in this age of emails, then think twice. They are still used for delivering business messages and help in creating your brand image that your email can’t. so here is a guide to help your create your stationeries different from the lot, in a creative way of course!

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Be different to be noticed

When you design your stationeries remember that you should not follow what others in your trade do! You will then just be following them. Instead try to be creative and think beyond what others have done. Of course your graphic designer will be doing that for you, but you must have the vision. Copying from others may seem a great idea now, but remember in long run your clients may misjudge you as others and that will not be good for your business.

Ensure Readability

Fonts play an important role when you are working on your brand image, mainly while you are going towards stationery designing. Your designer will guide you and you should also ensure that the same font is used in all the stationeries. This is help in creating a unique image of your brand in your potential customers mind. Even it is important to get the fonts in a consistent color scheme that will help in recreating the brand every time a customer sees the stationery.

Now, while you do all this remember that everything should be readable as the main purpose of using business stationery is to send message and that will be incomplete if the fonts are too complicated. Keep everything simple and consistent and they will surely create an impression.

Keep Thing Simple While Doing Stationery Designing

While you are ensuring readability you cannot overlook simplicity. You will surely want that your stationery is able to create an image even from a pile of other stationaries, but have you ever thought that whether you are cluttering things out in all this process? So, remember to keep thing simple yet attractive. Limit the use of color maximum up to three to four. It will not only reduce your printing cost but will also ensure that things are simple yet attractive. Moreover, keep contrast in the background and the font color to get good image.

In all this remember that white space plays an important role so use it judiciously. White space does not mean the white area of your paper but the blank space that allows the viewers some free air to breathe.

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