5 Typography Tools Every Designer Need to Know

As a graphic designer you must understand the importance of typography and you also must have love for some good type too. Whether you are working on web, packaging or print media, what matters most in making it look attractive is choice of a good typography that will make the project complete and enhance its appeal.

Typography is that art of designing and arranging the type in such way that the language formed by it becomes appealing and is transparent for recognition. Hence, while you want to communicate something to people no one can ignore the importance of typography and as a graphic designer you cannot!



If you start navigating the world of typography you will find that it’s huge and choosing the perfect one for any design is really tough. Moreover, it cannot be ignored that it is one of the most important element in the design. The moment you see a website or ant print file you may fall in love with the type, but you do not know which type is it? Here, it is tried to have some type related tools that may make your task easy.

Listed here are five best types that can be very useful when you think of designing any website or any print file.


Typewolf is considered to be one of the best spot for browsing beautiful websites and find out elegant type. You will not only a random showcase of the different types but will also show the fonts that are actually used by the real websites. Isn’t it cool to find out things in such a simple way? Why are you waiting, go get there and the world of typography is yours.

What Font

By installing What Font in your browser you can easily find out which fonts are used by the sites that are liked by you. There are extensions activating which you can easily know which font is being used. For this you have to hoover over the text after you activate the extension.

Type Wonder

If you are looking forward to test the web fonts while on move TypeWonder is the perfect place they should stop at. Sometimes you may not have enough time to check out how a font will look at a particular website or print file. in such case using TypeWonder can actually do wonders for you. This tool will help you check out how the font will look there and you can finalize one that looks great. All you have to do is type the url, choose the font and it’s there for you to check!

The Web Font Combination

This tool is perfect when you are looking forward to combine types and see how they look with each other. All you have to do is set the elements, font, and size and then check the result. It is great as before you finally implement any font you can check them out and finalize one.

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