Graphic Designing Trends to Be Ruling During 2016

It’s true that the graphic designing is timeless but still every year comes with new trends that are followed to create those immortal designs. As time is passing designing too is spreading its wings and it is no more an art that needs only pen and paper. Now, designing is much more than that where it is used widely in mobile apps and other platforms too.


Here, let’s find out what is the new trend of graphic designing in 2016.

Shape shifting

Among the various graphic designs whether they are icons, logos, patterns or backgrounds, shapes are coming to life. For your organization iconography is needed to be created that must be memorable and soothing to the eyes of the viewers. There are many iconic figures that are representing the companies. Thus, shape shifting will be there in almost every design this year.

Custom illustration and infographics

Gone are those days when people used to stick with illustrations and imagery. Instead custom illustrations have taken their place. To explain something infographics are more in use. They are an easy way to pass the message along with some information in an attractive way. Now, originality is considered to be the key word for making things work for your business.


Now designers do not have to stick to those web compatible fonts in their designs. Google fonts have made it easier for people to be creative and one can use from the different arrays of fonts developed and promoted by Google fonts. It’s needless to mention that fonts play an important role in making every design work at its best.


2016 is a year of bold and rich colors. As more time is passing this year the usage of color is becoming more adventurous. Even usage of color shows retro style like that of 70’s and 80’s. Whether it’s graphic designing or web designing, the same prospect can be found everywhere. Even the patterns used will be of bold colors that will make the graphics rich.

Flat design

Flat design has been there and it is here to stay long. With time there will be more evolution in flat designs making the designs look better. Space will play an important role in all this. As a graphic designer you must know how to use the white space for making the designs rock.

Even small brands are also changing to flat designs following the big brands.

Visuals will play more importance

During 2016 and after visuals will have more impact than just text. Whether its advertisement or infographics, visuals will be there for grabbing more attention. Everything from professional images to doodles will play an important part. Think of how Dropbox has used doodles in their web page!

There will be many more trends that will rule this year and a good graphic designer will just not follow the trends but also create trends that will be followed by others. So, make your own trends for 2016 and coming years.

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