Negative Space and Its Importance in Designing

There must have been many such situations when looking at a business card or at an ad makes you like it immediately. Why do you like it? Is it for the design there or the lack of design? It may be because of the synchronization of the design along with the space around the designs. This is what negative space in designing is. It is this negative space that makes the designs appealing and eye-catching.

Negative space or the white space is the area around the design that is blank. The positive elements of the design are the subject of the design while the blank is the negative space.

Use and Importance of Negative Space in Design

If you think of a design that does not have any space in it, do you think that it will be appealing? There are least chances that they will be. However, if you cannot use this negative space for proper balancing of the image then it will be odd and the overall outcome of the design will be not satisfactory.

For a graphic designer or even a photographer using the negative space properly is a challenge. It should be enough to maintain the balance and yet must not be too much to make the design boring. There is no doubt that this space has importance in designing and here it is how

  • When in any designing the negative space is utilized properly it gives a sophisticated look to the design. Just think of a high end cosmetic product that has a striking combination of white background with colors. It’s the striking difference that will attract its viewers and that is the power of negative space.
  • The negative space makes the overall design clear to the viewers. It gives every element of the design some space that makes them distinct in the cluster of so many other elements. If it is not there then multitude of so many other elements may become distracting and the focus may be missed.
  • It is also useful for web designing. With the presence of negative space the reader will be able to read the content of the website properly. If the white space between the texts lines are more than the text becomes clear and the readers can read it easily.
  • Apart from the things mentioned above, there are many designs where it is very difficult to set the focus as there are different objects that can be the focus. In such case the negative space plays an important part as it not only separates all the elements of the design but also ensure that the flow of the design is perfectly maintained.

Hence, whether it’s a flyer, a website or a bill board a negative space plays an important role in making it attractive. Too much of it may ruin the design but when it is used beautifully it becomes elegant and eye-catching. It may be true that once you start working with an experienced graphic designer you too will get the essence of it.

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