Elements of Good Logo Design

It’s needless to mention about the importance of a logo in any business. A well-designed logo has done wonders for companies for many years. Now, the question that arises is that what can be considered well-designed?

For a graphic designer everything that they think is good and consider it to be worthy, but what is it that can make you sure that the logo that you are looking for your business is worthy to make your brand renowned in near future?

When you see the end result, which is the completed logo you may think that logo designing is a simple task, actually it’s not! It needs creative thought that includes the various elements of logo designing to make a attractive logo. Here are those elements that should be considered while designing a logo.


What makes a great logo design


The first element of a logo is branding and before the first line is drawn a lot has to be considered about it. For capturing the essence of the brand a designer will blend different elements of logo designing that will help him create an everlasting brand just the way the business is. A good logo will deliver the message of the business to its customer successfully.


Sometimes the uniqueness of the logo makes it immortal. Some logos are very simple and not even symbolic but it’s their design that makes them associated with the brand, forever!

By the term memorability it means that whenever a viewer views the logo they will think of the brand. What do you think when you see a Panda? WWF right? That memorability!

Aesthetically Appealing

Another element of any logo is its appeal to the viewers. It should be appealing, able to stir emotions among them and create a positive impact on the viewers. If the logo is ugly, it will just not turn people off but also attract wrong attention. Think of the logo of 2012 London Olympics. It was something that has been most controversial in the history of Olympics and taken away much of the glory of the games.

Thus, the logo should be appealing visually.


The graphics of the logo should be such that it can be used in different medium easily, be that your letterhead or on the web. It is well-known to good graphic design that all designs do not look good at every medium. While designing a logo it should be kept in mind that this logo will be sued at different places, in banner ads, letterhead, website, video and numerous other options.

In this respect the size matter. If the logo has too much details it may look good at website but when the size is reduced for printing in business card it may not be that appealing. Hence, it’s important to check those. And it should also be kept in mind that a logo must look good in both color and black and white version.


A good logo will be there with your business for times unknown. So it must be able to withstand the test of time. it’s true that there are many companies who have introduced  new logo over the time but think of the percentage of companies doing so! Thus, consider timelessness for the logo while designing it.

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