Book Cover Designing Plays an Important Role

After a writer completes writing a book they expect it to become the best seller soon. It does, but is the way to become a bestseller so easy? There are a lot of things that are associated with a book that makes it bestseller or at least among the top book list. And one such important thing is the book cover design.

Book cover designing

This is more important if you have written a book for the first time. A first time author do not have their own identity and hence then they require marketing of the book properly that will make people buy their book. Review of the book is important so, the writing is important but above all what is most important is the book cover itself. If it is not interesting then readers will not get attracted toward the book!

Design of book cover plays an important role

Whether you promote your book physically or through electronic media, the first things that will attract attention of your readers is the book cover. It must be good enough to express the story. It should be eye-catching too. And this is where the challenge to design a good book cover lies.

A graphic designer needs to create a design that will make reader’s choose the book and read the synopsis. It’s true that the synopsis plays an important part, but no one will read the synopsis, if they are not attracted by the book cover itself!

Books are judged by their cover

It’s true that there is a famous saying that tells that books should not be judged by its cover, but now things are different. The first thing that grabs the attention of a buyer is the packaging and the book cover is nothing but the packaging of your book. Hence, there is no doubt that if the book covers is not attractive then you cannot expect to have readers choose the book at first place.

The job of  a graphic designer while designing a book cover is to see that they have incorporated different elements of a good book cover design to make the design go with the story and at the same time be eye-catching too.

Cover Art Options

While choosing the book cover art you will get a lot of options from your designer. They can suggest you about various things that will make your book look great.

Usage of real photographs for designing the cover is one such option. Another option is to use doodles in the cover to make it look like hand drawn. A painting, drawing or some text can also be an attractive cover. Just remember one thing that whatever you choose for your book, it must match with the tone of the book. Like for a historical biography book cover doodles will not work again for a fiction story choosing a still photograph will not do the magic.

Actually for designing a book cover there is no such universal law. Choose something that will look great as the cover of the book.

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