Things to Incorporate While Book Cover Designing

It is said that the first impression matters and that is true for your book cover too. The cover of the book is the first impression of the book on the readers. While a reader browses a bookstore shelf or any e library, it’s the cover of the book that needs to grab their attention and they take hold of the book to read the synopsis. It is just not the first look of the book but it is a promise to the readers that what can they expect from the book.

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Thus, it is necessary that while a book cover is designed you must take care of the following elements.

The title of the book

The title of the book must be such that the readers can expect something from it. Keep yourself in the reader’s position and think what a reader will expect from a title that you are thinking about the book. You must have some design in your mind and thus it’s necessary that the title goes well with the design too! Do not try to give very clever title; it should be something that is easy to remember. Do not let creativity take over clarity.

Cover design and layout

The design of the cover is crucial and the title should be legible at a glance. The text used should not be very small or faint as the readers will not be able to get the text in that way. Try to avoid decorative fonts as they are hard to read. Instead look for simple fonts that are clear and will make the cover design crisp.

There may be a single image used in the cover or multiple images. However make sure that whatever you are using it should convey the message clearly. The image should be strong enough that will make people remember the book even after years with the help of image. You may use photographs or graphics that suits with the design. Never make the backdrop too heavy as then it will take the attention. Keep focus on the title and the main cover.

Back cover

The back cover should be a continuation of the cover. It must have a short summary about the book that will help the readers to choose the book. The text at the back cover should be a type of ad that will help you draw attention of readers towards the book. It should not be something that tells why you have written the book.

Endorsements and reviews

For making the book cover design more attractive you may add endorsements and reviews. They can be added at the back flap as it will give weightage to your book. Reviews plays an important part nowadays and including them in the book cover will be an added advantage.

Apart from these essential elements do not forget to add author’s bio that will tell your readers about you. Many time books become best seller as it is written by some particular author. So, a good book cover design must include that too.

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