Graphic Designers and Illustrators- Are they same?


If you are new to the world of graphic designing then these terms ‘graphic design’ and ‘illustration’ may seem same to you. It’s true that they are close related to each other and when they work they work in harmony with each other. However, although there creative art may sometime overlap each other but someone who is going to enter the graphic designing world must understand the basic difference between an illustrator and a graphic designer.

There is no doubt that both the graphic designer and the illustrator work as creative heads and they need to be creative to complete their task. However, a graphic designer mainly focuses on completion of the whole artwork and for that designs the framework and format too. For an illustrator the main challenge is to bring a small part of the whole picture into life. It’s true that they may be working in the same project but they will always work towards the same end goal to complete a design creatively.

What Graphic Designers Do

Many people consider illustration into a fine art that requires skill more than anything else. On the other hand graphic design is considered somewhat commercial where different tools are used for completing the image. The main goal of a graphic designer is to convey the message through their artwork for any targeted audience. The message tries to persuade the audience about something.

For this the graphic designers communicates with the audience by providing them with visual information. They mainly deal with terms like page layout, branding, typography, image development, etc. their artwork is mainly targeted at any particular audience to provide them information about any product or services or for promoting the product or services.

What Illustrators Do

An illustrator mainly creates images for conveying some message to the public. They need to be creative in their visualization. Like, they use drawings or pictures for making the text at any image decorative. Illustrations do not always attract the attention to any particular thing. They are made for making the whole thing look creative.

An illustrator also needs those tolls that are used by designer and that is the reason that the difference between the two is based on a fine line of difference. Sometimes a professional may work as both to complete the assignment in hand creatively.

How Graphic Design and Illustration Professionals Work Together

When any particular project is undertaken and there is a question whether it will need a graphic designer or an illustrator, the decision is to be taken by the head. Mostly it’s a graphic designer who takes the call for associating an illustrator in the project to make it complete. It is then the job of the illustrator to complete the pictures and then the graphic designer completes the layout.

It’s really very difficult to draw a line of difference between these two professionals as they work in hand with each other to create an artwork that is best suited for the client.

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