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Imagine you are a photographer and is shooting a wedding. While you are capturing those lifetime moments a guest stops by you and ask you about your services. What will you do? Stop taking shots and explain the prospective client about your services? Nah! Instead you can tell them your email address, but what if they forget about it? Why not write it down on a napkin? Think something spills over the napkin and it’s gone, along with a new client.

So, what is the best solution? Hand them your business card and request for some time later. Yes, even in this age when you can reach your customers through social media, nothing can beat the importance of business cards designing.

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Hence here are certain tips to create an everlasting impression with your business card.

Rock Your First Impression With Business Card Designing

Before the potential client is able to check out your website or go through your portfolio they will have your business card in their hand and it creates the first impression. The business card is the first link between your business and the customer.

Thus, once you hand it over to them they will have some idea about your business from your business card. So, never go for certain cheap templates as they will result in creating a wrong impression.

Include the Right Information

The space that you get in a business card is very limited and in this you have to fit in the necessary information along with the design. You may think of shrinking the size of the fonts so that you are able to include as much information possible, but they will not help your customers. When printed they may look cluttered and the final output may be upsetting.

So, while you design your card remember that it must include that information only that are vital to convey to your customer. Like your name and designation, your company name and address, email address is also must.

Convey Your Brand’s Identity

If designed and presented properly your business card is your most important marketing tool as it reaches straight to the hands of your customers. So, while your business card is telling your customer about your contact details why not use it for creating your brand identity?

Everybody loves to work with a brand and that goes for your potential customer too. Hence, while you are designing your business card make sure that it goes well with your brand. Keep it consistent with your branded material by following the guideline that you use for other materials like the color scheme or the font. You must have a logo and that is a crucial part of your brand hence, include that in such way that it adds to the brand of your company.

Pay attention to the materials you use

While finalizing your business card do not overlook the material on which it is designed. Although it may not seem important to you, yet it plays a major role. The thicker is the material used the rich will be the feelings and the better will be impression of your client about your business.

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