17 awesome graphic design resume to get you hired today.


A nice graphic design resume help boost or promote you in front of the company, organization or businesses in which you are planning to join. There are thousands of other candidates who are applying for the same job which you are willing to get, but the candidates who are having creative and excellent graphic design resume will get shortlisted for the interview.

A beautiful and creative resume is used to make a favorable impression on the prospective employers and companies which you are targeting, and your resume is the first impression a potential employer has of you. For this strong reason, it is often referred to as one of the most crucial factors in your carrier to have a nice graphic design resume.

If you are lazy to design your resume and looking for some readymade templates, then go to the bottom of this page and checkout the link where we have shared some graphic design resume templates which you can use right away, but don,t forget to share this post on your social accounts with #designoisbest to keep us motivated for posting more free graphic design resources.

In this article we will look at the 17 top creative graphic design resume to get inspired you for your next graphical resume designing, here we go.

1. Black and white chessboard style

This black and white chessboard style layout is undoubtedly striking, defining each category its own space, Mikha Makhoul used the decent fonts and color with bold experience, education and skills which make this graphical resume more attractive and unique, though it is quite simple but still impressive and does not sacrifice the professionalism for visual interest.


2. Cohesive color scheme

This resume is linking the text and color and giving it a meaning. A cohesive color scheme of dull blues and decent hues presenting with nice infographics correctly expressing details without losing the catchy power, Joseph Acena made this graphic designer resume very well.


3. Horizontal orientation

A black and white lower Justin Schueler use a horizontal orientation instead of the traditional vertical format which is immediately giving this graphical resume an edge of attraction. He has used a balanced, un-crowded layout with plenty of negative space to make this unique.


4. Custom designed crest

Kyle Robertson brand herself in a beautiful custom designed crest which is very attractive and give it more power when it combines with a tagline of her personal brand. Creating a brand of yourself or style for yourself is an excellent idea to copy and every graphic designer can easily create this in just a few hours or maybe in a day which is a really worthy of devoting, you can use your brand again and again in your personal business card, social media, or anywhere you which is also a plus point of creating your brand.


5. Clean old style graphic design resume

Patrick Rogan has gone into the basic with a clean old style graphic design resume, He used bright colors and written down the information with icons and simples fonts which is making this resume clean and simple, if you are not a badass graphic designer then you can opt this style of resume designing.


6. corporate business Resume

Bradley Brooks resume is a classic black and white color and more into corporate business kind of resume which is nicely crafted and giving it a place in our top graphic design resume list. He uses modular layouts and of course a personal logo on the top resume, again creating a personal branding is a good idea to opt today.


7. Classy and straightforward resume

It is a clean, classy and straightforward resume template which is easy to make and sufficient to shortlist your resume for your next dream job in the graphic design industry. Sometimes decent colors and clean layout impress more than funky graphics, and this is the perfect example of pure graphic design resume, but there is a crucial hidden factor in this resume which is a BIG Hello! On the top of the resume attracting the viewer without losing the identity of the candidate, you can use this crucial hidden factor in your resume, and it will do the job nicely.


8. Memorable mailing resume

Making your resume memorable is another crucial factor for attracting the company, and this is something which Amber Van Mieghem has done with this smart folding square resume. It is a perfect resume for mailing out to companies; however, it is not an ideal fit for sending through email but still, it is unique, and we will keep it in our list.

9. Casual style of resume

Choosing the correct font for your graphic design resume is the most crucial point, and Louis Omari did this nicely in his resume template. He uses a rounded font with soft edges in his name for this clean and casual style of resume of solid resume, and he uses light color as the background which is making this resume more attractive.


10. Block/Sections resume

Dividing different sections of your resume with a separate block of colors and/or line is another thing top opt while you are designing your next graphic design resume. This template explain our words in a more better way, it features vibrant colors, but we think that you can get the same effect with a more subtle color scheme which will turn your resume more decent.


11. Highlighted heading resume

If you have worked for a known company or for a competitor of the organization in which you are applying then do feature them on the top of your resume and believe me companies always like to get the candidate from their competitors so you will have more chance to get shortlisted for the interview where you can use your skills to impress the HR, Teamas Leb has nicely featured this idea into his resume.


12. Creative theme resume

If you are a creative illustrator or concept artist and planning to design a creative resume for your next job, then you can adopt this idea of picking a theme for your resume and follow if throughout the resume. A theme can give you a starting point to make a one-of-a-kind design, Peter Kisteman’s laboratory theme resume makes a strong visual statement and features his artistic background, and you can go for any theme which you think is the best for defining your identity.

13. Clean, simple and beautiful

Sticking with decent and straightforward design is not a bad thing if you have done it nicely, Adam Rozmus keeps the design clean, simple and beautiful, showing that graphical resume does not have to be fancy to make a good impression, even a simple resume with decent fonts and color and catch the attention of big companies.


14. Clever and stylish resume

Alison Root presented herself in a very clever resume which is looking like a paper cut, and she uses decent color in the background and simple fonts for the heading which are looking nice, also she has uses some infographics in the right sidebar which is turning this impressive graphic design resume more catchy.


15. Simple bordered resume

Are you planning to make your resume without funky colors then adding a decent color border around the resume will not be a bad idea and it will add a bit of color to your resume, Evelien Callens did this nicely without worrying about looking unprofessional and too simple.


16. Hand drawn sketches resume

If you want to stand out among all the applicant then create some custom illustration designs and infographics for your resume, Lucia Paul did this in her hand-drawn resume which is both appropriate for her industry and also gives her a standout idea to display her skills.

17. Graphic designing portfolio resume

And this is the last but not the least idea of your next graphic design resume.

You can use grids and lines in dividing different sections of your resume also to making it standout you can display some of your portfolio items in your resume. Yes, it is absolutely fine if you are showcasing your best work in your resume especially when you are applying for a graphic designer, illustrator or concept artist, have a look into below template for inspiration.


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