Brochure Designing a Creative Art to Reach Customer


It’s true that this is a digital age, but yet the old fashioned brochures are an effective way to convey your business message to prospective clients. A perfect and professional brochure design will let you express those messages in an expressive way that cannot be conveyed by other means. Brochures are combination of bright elements and important information that plays an important role in promoting the business of a company. Thus, the important of a professional brochure designing service is still there nowadays as they implement your thoughts in an expressive way to your customers and clients.

What is brochure designing?

For advertising about your business and promote your product there are different methods. You can use the television media, use the online media or advertise through banners. A brochure is different from all these mediums as it is a booklet, through which you can present vital information about business, its objectives, and product descriptions to stakeholders.

A brochure is a paper document and it is designed in different ways. Brochure designing is a process whereby a brochure is designed for a product or an organization to convey some information about the product, service or the organization. Brochure Designing is a creative process where the brochure should be designed in such way that it is interesting enough to catch the interest of the viewers. Especially in this age when there are many other ways to grab interest of audience, brochure designing service should be efficient enough to creating a lasting impression.

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Essential design elements of brochure

Brochure designing is important in different types of businesses. It is needed by B2B industries and also in B2C organizations for delivering the messages. By conveying the right information to the prospective clients it helps in increasing the value of your products. It also plays major role in positioning your business in the mind of your customers and prospects.

In order to create an everlasting impression in the mind of the prospects the brochure should have the following elements.

Attention grabbing cover

It is natural that the attentions pan of your prospects is very short. Your brochure will get only few seconds to grab their attention and pique their interest. If the cover of the brochure is not interesting and eye-catching then they won’t take it and open to read what is inside. Thus, it is necessary to have a visually appealing cover and interesting headline so that it can create the first impression

Compelling content

Through your brochure you want to convey some information about your product or services. It is natural that you know a lot more about your business than the prospects and everything about your business interest you. However, the story is not same for your clients or customers. They will not have interest in different facts about your business. They will show interest only in your products or services. Thus, the content of the brochure should be such that it attracts attention of your prospects. A good and precise content will help you in lowering the cost, save time, and increase sales. The content should focus on facts and information that will create interest in your customers. Use of images and graphs will help in supporting the content and convey the message properly to the customers.

Power call to action

What is the objective of designing a brochure? Naturally, to help your prospects in becoming your customers! What do you expect your customers to do after they have gone through your brochure? Want them to visit your website or contact you by calling or by sending email? When your prospects reads go through your brochure they expect to know what should they do next and thus a powerful call to action is necessary. In the design of the brochure it is placed in such way that it cannot be missed by the readers.

Thus, the main job of any brochure designing service provider is to ensure that in the brochure the following elements are present so that it can fulfill the purpose for which it is designed, printed and circulated.

We at Grahpic Designo consider the requirement of the client and follow all essential design element while providing all services including brochure designing service.

There are different types of brochures and irrespective of the brochure type these elements should be present in all. So, let’s find out the different types of brochures available.


Different types of brochures

Brochures can be classified in two categories. The first one depending upon its form and layout and the second one based on the end use of the organization.

Depending upon the layout and the form of brochure

Gate fold brochure

Among the different types of brochures these are fairly uncommon but they leave a lasting impact on the readers. They have the design that looks like a gate is to be opened. The inward folding from both sides gives this folder a unique look and the eight panel structure also allows the designer to get enough space to incorporate any design or information. This type of brochure is mainly used for high end marketing and thus mainly high quality paper is used. The impact of this type of brochure is such that it is circulated from one user to another.

Tri fold brochure

As the name suggest there are three fold in this type of brochure. There are six panels in this type of brochure that provides ample space to the designer. They are quite common in use due to their versatile nature. They are easy to carry and if designed by professional brochure designing service they are quite attractive too.

Bi-fold brochure

Among the different types of brochures this is the most common type of brochure. It is folded in half and there are in total four panels, the front cover, back cover and the internal panels. It can be of different sizes depending upon the type of information to be included in the brochure. When there are multiple pages in a brochure it becomes a booklet that is an advanced version of brochure. A book let looks more or less like a magazine.

Leaflets/ flyers

This is also a common type of brochure that is used extensively by companies to circulate among their prospects and provide information. They are simple one page brochure that are designed in an attractive way so that they can grab the attention easily. They are circulated in mass and the quality of the paper used varies a lot depending upon the type of information shred through them.

Folder inserts brochures

These brochures are different from other brochure designs in the sense that they have a separate folder inside the brochure. These folders can be used to provide an enrollment form, feedback form or something else that is needed to be returned.

Depending upon the end use of the brochure

Response Brochures

As the name suggest these brochures are designed for such customers who have already shown some interest in the product or service. They are filled with information that may come up in the mind of a prospective customer. It provides them such information based on which the customer will decide whether to invest for any product or service or not. Thus, they should be mainly informative rather than just being attractive.

Check out Brochures

This type of brochures is placed on counters and other racks where they can be easily reached by the customers. They try to attract attention of a buyer and provide information of some product or service. Like, while paying for a particular product if the buyer sees them they may pick up the brochure to know about another product. They may decide to buy the product sooner or later. As they are mainly intended to attract attention they should be designed in such way.

Direct Mail Brochures

These are the latest type of brochure that is used nowadays. They are directly sent to the prospects with a brochure about some new launch or any other product. It will contain marketing letter along with the brochure that is directly send to the prospects.

Product catalogs

These brochures mainly provide information and images about the products that are sold by any particular concern. They help in providing the customers about the product in an eye catching way.

There can be some more variations too but in general these are the mostly used brochures that are in use for marketing any company or organization.

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Information and detail required for successful brochure creation

There is no doubt that a brochure is a creative work of a designer but in order to make this creation successful a designer expects co-operation from the client. There are certain things that are required by the brochure designing service so that they are able to design a perfect brochure that will fulfill the purpose for which they are designed.

Vector version of the logo

If the brochure is designed by the same studio where the logo is designed then they will not require the Logo as they must already have a logo. However if it is designed from somewhere else then it is important to provide the vector version of the logo so that it is incorporated successfully. However, in absence of that a professional can create it too. And it is needless to mention the importance of logo in brochure designing.

Text and callouts

In a brochure the information that it provides is most important. Now, in order to put relevant information the designer needs the information so that they are able to put them in an attractive way. It will be the call of the client to explain that what type of brochure they want and what is the main purpose of designing the project. After the designer gets all the information they will be able to design a brochure that will fit the purpose of their client.

Photography and artwork

A brochure will never be attractive if it contains only text. It is the art artwork and photographs included in the brochure that makes the brochure look attractive. If the client wishes to use their own photographs they must provide that to the designer. Else they have to participate in the process of brochure designing where they will choose the different images from the stock photographs and also the artwork that will be used in designing the project.

Benefits of working with Graphic Designo

A brochure is the first draft of any organization that reaches the prospects of the organization, it should be able to provide the necessary information to the prospects so that they can know about the service of the organization and also about their products. Now, while designing brochure it is necessary to work with professionals who have immense experience of designing brochures.

There are many benefits of working with professionals rather than working with amateurs and freelancers.

When a professional brochure designing service provider take

s the job of designing brochure they ensure that they have the best-in class infrastructure for providing a complete solution. We are having designers who are aware of the modern traits of a successful brochure. They know the trend of brochure that is used by most businesses.

Graphic Designo better knows how to convey the message in a crisp manner so that it reaches the customers and other prospects in most efficient way. The designers of professional services know that what type of brochure is best for what type of concerns. Even the type of brochure may change depending upon the type of project for which the brochure is designed. We know the style and the trick that will deliver the message directly to the intended users.

To end the note

A brochure is the simple way to reach the customers in a most expressive way. It allows the business to express what is not possible to express through other media. Different brochures can be designed for different purposes, like an event brochure for different events held at the organization. Thus, they are indeed the best way to communicate and the designer is the perfect partner of the business to express what they want to convey to their customers and prospects.

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