Product Animation- A Simple Way to Tell Your Product Story

Animation has been in use for years now and apart from using it for entertainment it is used for various other purposes. Recently there is 3D animation that has made it possible for the designer to present an object similar to the real object. With 3D animation the animators makes people enter a virtual reality world where they can feel the anime object just like real objects.

Recent addition to this virtual world is product animation. Mainly used by the corporates for displaying their business thoughts or products to general public, it has huge demand.


What is product animation?

As the name suggest, Product animation is all about product rendering and with it the animator can explain about a new product or an existing product or packaging. It is designed in such way to provide a photo realistic and accurate representation of the product or packaging that is already there or is proposed. It is mainly used for representing a proposed product or packaging so that the features of the product can be explained properly to the clients.

With the help of this process the communication between the designer and the end user develops as the designer can exactly show the end user about his plans and end user can virtually check out the design before the design is actually launched. The presentation makes it possible for the designer to show the different features that the product or package will have. It is the best solution to give a realistic view of the product even before the raw materials for making the product are allocated!

Graphic Designo is providing the animation service for all types of product, we can turn your imagined product into a realistic animation video and offering this service since starting of the studio, our team is expert in making realistic product which can do a positive impact on your valuable customers.

Let’s find out the benefits of product animation


What are the benefits of product animation?

Do you want to tell your story in a different way that will give the audience a realistic feel? If your answer is yes, then you must try product animation videos that will ensure that you are showing your audience an engaging and communicating video that is not possible with the typical traditional videos. It’s not only a way to show your clients about the prospective product, but is a great for engineers too, to understand the requirement of the product.

Moreover, with the help of a product animation one can easily by pass the actual production cost that will incur even for manufacturing a sample of the product. Also the delays in production can be minimized as the engineers have idea about the actual product and it has been approved by the end users too. Now, explore out the other benefits that can be derived from Product animation.

Demonstrate Product Details

Normally, for demonstrating a new product one can make a video mentioning about its features but is it possible to demonstrate the internal functioning too? Probably No! you cannot display what is happening inside the product as it is not possible to show internal functioning with the product being open. However, with the help of product animation it is possible to provide a look inside the product and show everything in cross-sectional views.

Apart from that to make a real product video you have to be dependent upon the camera angles, lighting, and of course shots, but if you take help of product animation you will find that you are free of those things. In case of product animation you can simply demonstrate what you want to without worrying about zoom and angles. If required it is possible to show the whole thing in larger display.

In short, with the help of it you can demonstrate a product easily and in a more accurate way.

Get to Market Faster

In case of video marketing you have to depend upon the physical product. Without it you cannot make the video and start marketing about the product. This is another area where this animation process is beneficial. In the animated environment it is possible to create the animated video and start training your sales team about the product, long before the actual product are manufactured. It makes it possible to start planning for marketing efforts of the product without any delay.

Save Time and Production Costs

After completing your product just think of the whole process that is undertaken in order to complete the video. You will need production crew, talents to present the video, sourcing products required in the video and so on. On the other hand if you go for product animation the animators will take necessary data from your existing engineering files and complete the video production. They will able to tell a story in a more interesting way and by using fewer resources.

Apart from that you can respond to product changes easily. If there are variations, you do not have to shoot the whole thing again, but what you can do is change the required part from the animation and releases the video again. The whole thing becomes so simple.

Make it interactive for even more impact

To make someone take interest in something it is necessary that you give them an interactive experience. By adding interactive designing elements the learning experience becomes lucid and the learners are able to retain what they have learned for more time. An engaging experience is always inviting for the learners they not only love learning from such interactive session but also remember the whole thing for long. Moreover, if there are any queries it arises while the interactive session is on. So, a trainee does not have to wait for actually working with the product.

It provides a quick understanding to both the customers and the technician and the whole thing becomes simpler.

Who can use Product Animation?

Animation is the best tool to present your imagination in a physical form. There are people who need help of animation for showing others what their ideas are and to help such people the concept of product animation has evolved. Normally animation is used for making entertaining videos but when it comes to product animation there are different segment of people who can derive the benefits from this type of animation. They are


An innovator comes up with different product ideas. It is not possible for them to manufacture the whole product as for that they will need resources. Now, with the help of product animator they can animate the product they have in their mind. They do not need the resources that are required for making the product physically. Instead just by explaining their features they can have their product developed, in animation of course!

It will help them to get sponsors who may show interest in sponsoring the development of the product.


It is beneficial for businessmen too who can make product animation videos and use them for marketing. By making animation video of the newly launched product they can use it for B2B marketing. Making presentations of the video becomes very simple and it is possible for them to show the features of the product in details. These videos are more effective sales tool that the actual product itself. No one will like to read a thousand word product specifications, but with the help of a video one can easily understand what the product is about and how will it be beneficial.


Just the way a product animated video is beneficial for businessmen it is useful for marketers too. Whether it is sending the video to prospective customers or making presentation everything is simple. And the resources required is also very less. Hence, marketers love to present their product with the help of a animated video. It’s an ideal tool for them to present their views.

It is a great way to tell a story and take the viewers to a virtual world where they can feel the product and understand about them with ease. It is the best marketing tool a marketer can have.

Educational purpose

Product animation can be used for educational purposes. While teaching students about complicated machinery and other products it may not always be possible to show them all the parts. The students have to learn about the complicacies from the theoretical chapters only. However, it may not be possible for many students to retain the things that they have learned theoretically.

Instead, when a animated video of the product or the device about which the demo is given is shown, it becomes simpler for the students to understand the whole thing. They can remember it and while they do practical they will find the whole thing simpler and much easier than reading them only theoretically.

How Product Animation Prove Helpful For The Society.

The of animation industry is growing day by day, A number of different fields and industries evaluate the positive power and influence of using product animation, the film and cartoon industry is no longer the only one who is availing the services of animations, but other industries have search a good purpose for it.

A quick Google search on the internet will reveal how universal the use and scope of product animation has become. The main fields that are using product animation are medicine and engineering, they are making their product first in 3D and then in real, through making product animation they get an idea how the product will look and how it can be process, they use the product animation in progress of their work.

Some other industries like, interior designers and architectures are also using product animation in their fields, interior designer create a virtual product animation to show their client and get their approval before starting the work on actual field, it save the time and efforts which turn into productivity.

In the field of medicine, they use product animation for creating demo and explanations of their medicines for teaching their student.

The professional use of production animation portrays the idea that how the actual product will look like.

To conclude

To wrap up the whole thing product animation is a technique that will revolutionize the whole process of demonstration, whether it demonstrating a new product or teaching about the functioning of any existing product.

It is useful tool and also a great way to catch the interest of the viewers by telling them about a complicated thing in simple story. It requires creativity and the animators have that to make things possible and interesting for the viewers.

If you are looking for any kind of product design or product animation than you are here on the right place, we are expert in designing of products and making product animation, our expert team can handle your product animation from scratch to end, and provide you a complete solution for your needs..

What We Need To Start Working On Your Project

  • Complete view of your product to deeply understand its topology.
  • Color and its code by which you want to justify your product.
  • Brief description of the moving part, if any, so that we can consider it in product animation
  • Any visual clause if required, like any arrow to display particular area.
  • Camera angle if you have decided to show product in animation from any particular angle.
  • Duration of required product animation.Music or sounds to be use in your animation video.

Hire our expert team right away and start developing your imagined product with our product animation, we are always welcome complicated product to test our skills, our team are highly specialized to meet your needs and provide you some wonderful animation services for your business growth, we will be happy to answers all your queries and provide you a free quotations.

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