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Indian Express Logo Designing

Indian Express is mobile food van offering some Indian tadka foods to us citizens, have a concept to made Indian dishes and famous foods of India in US style, they use the Indian ingredients as base, and offers Indian cousins in America. We use a fork and spoon as base, with some light colors to create their logo design.

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Sushi Nation Logo Designing

Sushi Nation is a well established restaurant situated in UK, they are offering Chinese, Italian and Japanese cousins in modern way, their choice was to design a piece of art which show a Sushi itself also their choice of colors was red and black. Our creative team develop many alternate design for them, they like vertical logo design most and decided to opt it as their brand logo.

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Revive Logo Designing

Revive is a doctor led clinic providing complete range of hair transplant and anti ageing treatments, they are situated in Brentwood and Hertford, UK. Their choice of logo was simple and elegant also they was having a theme color which we use in the logo, we use a root in a circle as base and then their brand name, also we converted letter E into three parallel lines to make it look like growing hairs.

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